Romania has been described as a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. Well, we intend to try and resolve some of these problems. We decided to start our blog regarding Romania and the Romanian legal system, as well as advising you how to understand business in Romania because after twenty years we think we have some insight.  We hope that you will enjoy the blog and will feel motivated to respond to some of the comments and challenge us when wrong.

Whether you are just looking at the Romanian business environment for the first time, revisiting it to see if now is the time to enter the Romanian market or you are an established investor we hope that  our comments and insights will enable you better understand the riddle which is Romania.

Romania may be a riddle, but if understood is a welcoming market and a place where in the words of the late Mrs Thatcher “You can do business”. The Romanian business environment moves fast and effectively so if you previously had an interest in Romania, then perhaps following our blog will reignite your interest and you will realize how good it can be. Finally, for those doing business here, we hope our comments will reveal aspects of life and business that you had forgotten or perhaps did not know (or wanted to forget).

Welcome to our blog.